Patrick Dennien’s Story


Here at the Running School, we get clients from all different backgrounds, with all different stories. Some stories are worth sharing. Paddy Dennian has one of those stories.

Paddy came to see one of our coaches, Joe Best, in the City Centre after a motorbike accident which resulted in him rupturing his posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). This was after suffering from 3 anterior cruciate ligament ruptures to his right knee.

Paddy decided to use the Running School for prehab in preparation for his PCL surgery. Paddy recalled this as an invaluable stage in his recovery, stating, ‘it got my leg as strong as possible ahead of surgery and the subsequent wastage that followed.’

After the surgery, Paddy conducted a 10 session program that helped him rebuild strength and mobility in his joints. However, with another bout of surgery coming up for his ACL, there was also preparation for another period of weakness on the knee.

After the surgery, Paddy realised how crucial his time with the Running School was. ‘The swelling and stiffness was markedly reduced from previous operations. My progress through the recovery milestones felt accelerated and I was able to move into more advanced rehab quicker than before.’

‘My sessions with Joe have been challenging and progressive. They have given me the confidence to push the joint within a safe and structured environment, so I can better know the limitations and rebuild the trust in my knee. Every stage has been well explained and carefully monitored with regular checking of progress, pain, comfort and confidence.

The dynamic nature of the exercises with The Running School has given me confidence that I am facilitating future injury prevention as much as current recovery.’

Paddy continues to have sessions with Joe, ensuring that his progress during his recovery continues. Paddy’s reasoning for this is: ‘Having conducted similar rehab twice before, the benefits of a prehab program was immediately evident post-operation. Joe and the team are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and professional. Sessions are varied and progressive so you can clearly see the progress you’ve made and where you need to target.’

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in a rehab programme after injury, do not hesitate to call The Running School on 02087436047, or emailing or for more information.   

The Movement & Running School announce a new partnership with Wasps FC

1462287421_5316Wasps FC are delighted to announce that The Movement & Running School have moved on site and will be operating their Speed & Rehab Centre from the Twyford Avenue training ground.

As part of the partnership, Wasps FC and The Running School will be working with players and coaches to refine and improve gross motor skills; supporting the development of movement, balance and coordination in children as well as improvement in speed, agility, explosive power and turning ability for our players.

The Movement & Running School are specialists in biomechanical analysis and development of multi-directional speed, running re-education and rehabilitation after injury for both adults & kids. They work with a whole range of athletes, from 6yrs old to 70+yrs old, from beginners to professional athletes from premiership football and rugby teams, elite track and field athlete’s Olympic gold medalists, as well as athletes from many other sports.

The Movement & Running School are also proud owners of the UK’s first Speed Court, within their Speed & Rehab Room. The Speed Court can be used for performance diagnostics, speed development, rehabilitation after injury and return-to-play.

Mike Antoniades, the founder of The Movement & Running School, has developed his unique methodology over the past 30 years, working with academy and professional teams in football, rugby and American Football in the UK, USA and Europe.

Mike and his team will be working closely with Wasps Coaches, providing expert knowledge and CPD training courses. They will also be organizing Speed Workshops for the various age groups to help them improve footwork and speed.

Mike Antoniades commented on the move: ” We are delighted to be at the Wasps Training ground and are looking forward to working with the coaches and the young rugby players helping them to run better and faster!”

Waheed Aslam, Head of Youth Rugby commented: “We are delighted to welcome Mike and his team to Wasps FC, we are always looking for opportunities to help our players and coaches develop and improve individual performance, this is part of a long term plan that will ensure that we are offering the very best coaching and training facilities to our members at Wasps FC”

For more information about The Movement & Running School, visit our website  or call the team on 0208 743 6047.

Editors notes

  • Wasps FC is an amateur rugby union club formed in 1867 based in West London. The club celebrates 150 years of West London rugby this season. Unique among rugby clubs as the freehold owner of its 23 acre Acton base, it is home to 6 adult teams (male and female), 12 mini and youth teams, and 600 mini and youth players. It is a centre of excellence and a reference for community amateur sport. The club has a good infrastructure to support all levels of rugby including 1x level 4 coach, 2x level 3 coaches, 15x level 2 coaches, 50x level 1 coaches, 15 qualified referees, 20 first aiders. All age groups (male) are amply represented at county level. Recent leavers (male) playing in the Premiership, Championship, throughout the national leagues and abroad in addition many of our youth players represent various Premiership and Championship youth academies. Please direct all enquiries to Waheed Aslam, Marketing & Communications, tel: 07867576785 or