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London Wasps Rugby Ground
Twyford Avenue Sports Ground
Twyford Avenue
Acton London
W3 9QA
020 8743 6047
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About Us

Acton HQ is the main rehabilitation and performance centre for The Movement School & The Running School where we offer our full programme of coaching and services. Mike will be holding a clinic on Tuesdays 12-7pm, by appointment only. Please contact the HQ team for more information

Meet the Team


Mike Antoniades

Founder & Director of The Running & Movement School

Mike has been a coach for 26 years and has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has worked with a number of professional athletes and clubs from different sports including soccer, rugby, basketball and track and field....

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Matt Loomes

Rehabilitation & Performance Specialist

Matt has been with The Running School team since graduating with an honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation from The University of Salford in 2013. Matt has worked with a range of clients from Premiership and Championship footballers through to helping...

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Sheena Murphy

Movement & Performance Specialist

Sheena has a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia in Canada and was certified as a personal trainer through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. She has been a runner from a very young age and still...

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Joe Best

Rehabilitation & Performance Specialist

Joe graduated from the University of Salford in 2011 with a 2:1 qualification in Sports Rehabilitation. Upon graduating, Joe was employed by The Running School to introduce their methodologies with elite footballers at Crystal Palace Football Club. Joe...

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Nick Antoniades

Running & Performance Coach

Nick is a qualified Running Technique and Speed Coach, Dynamic Movement Skills Coach and Certified Personal Trainer who has been working at The Running School in Chiswick for almost five years. During his time at The Running School Nick has...

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Services & Pricing


    Biomechanical Running Analysis

    A biomechanical analysis is a 60 minute session where we will analyse your running technique using video analysis and we will analyse your movement using a Functional Movement Analysis. This will allow us to identify any weaknesses and inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent you from running faster. Discover how we can help you reduce your risk of injury, improve your efficiency and get the most out of your running.
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    Kids movement & running analysis

    Kids Running & Movement Analysis

    In a biomechanical analysis for kids, we analyse your child’s running technique using video analysis and analyse their movement using our Dynamic Movement Skills®  kids’ analysis. This will allow us to identify any inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent your child from moving and running faster.  Discover how we can help your child to reduce their risk of injury, improve their efficiency and get the most out of activities and sport. For ages 6-14 years old.
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    Analysis 1400x1000

    Movement & Rehabilitation Analysis

    The Rehabilitation & Movement Analysis is where look at your current movement, your limitations, your pain level and your goals for returning to fitness – whether it’s just to walk without pain or to return to elite sport.  This will help us recommend and develop personalised rehabilitation and movement sessions.
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    Movement for Seniors

    Movement and Falls Prevention for Seniors

    This 6 session programme has been developed specifically for older adults to help maintain and develop overall fitness and prevent falls. We will guide you every step of the way to help you to:

    • Improve balance
    • Improve Stability
    • Improve Mobility
    • Improve brain function
    • Improve quality of movement patterns
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    Walking Re-Education

    Walking Re-Education

    This programme incorporates walking technique, walking for fitness and walking and movement re-patterning following injury or surgery. 

    This programme is suitable for you if you are:

    • A senior looking to get fit, stay fit and improve your balance
    • Recovering from illness, injury or surgery
    • Do not enjoy running but want to stay fit
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    Kids Movement Analysis

    Movement Analysis for Kids

    The Kids Movement Analysis is a 45-minute session where we will look at both the overall movement and co-ordination of your child. This is used to set a benchmark and to identify where the key improvements can be made. Depending on the findings of the analysis, our expert coaches will discuss with you, the parent or guardian, the findings, our recommendations and how we can help. Suitable for kids aged 6-14 years.
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