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About Us

With us you get more than just running improvement. You get a lifestyle. A lifestyle that helps you stay fit and well balanced while running. Our philosophy is to enable you to continue running, uninterrupted by injury, by doing the right things and things that you can do to help you achieve this when you’re not running. Running helps us connect with nature, allows us time to think, to contemplate or simply to feel free and find ourselves. We provide something which helps you to continue to enjoy running, the passion, something that helps you stay focused. We are supporting a lifestyle, we are learning to run long term. We are helping you build and improve your running in a sustainable and balanced way. Our mission is to keep you well, enjoying running, keeping the passion and achieving your best performance: To be the best that you can be. Running is for everyone, our bodies are designed to run. Don’t forget the reason you do this in the first place. Stay feeling really good and improve not just your running, but your life. For full list of services offered by this centre, please visit Improve My Running website

Meet the Team

Matt Holland

Running Specialist

Improve my running is run by Matt Holland. With 25 years competing, from steeplechase on the track to marathons and Ironman, Matt has the knowledge to succeed and understand how it feels to train at a high level. Matt has...

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