Running Speed 5km to 21km


This 12 session session program is for runners from 5K to half marathon distance.  This program will combine technique sessions, running speed protocols and functional strength exercises. We will help you to develop your straight line speed, core strength, and speed endurance. All of this will be tailored to your individual distance. The 18 session program will also include a personalised training program to lead you up to your race date.
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Product Overview

Our 12 session speed protocol involves our treadmill based speed protocols with focus on improving first your technique and then your performance. Through this treadmill based programme we will help you to develop your straight line efficiency and speed endurance. We will also develop you rotational core strength through exercises that we do in your sessions and give to you as homework.

We also have an 18 session package where we will also provide you with a personalised training programme which covers all aspects of your training from fitness, strength and conditioning and core work. This will guide you day-by-day up to your race date.

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