Speed Workshop for Rugby Coaches – Level 1

This course will take you through how to coach your players speed, helping you understand the biomechanics of multi-directional Speed and discovering how to develop your players quickness & acceleration. You will learn a series of Speed training drills that you can use immediately with your teams.

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Product Overview

Without doubt, one of the greatest concerns among today’s coaches in Multidirectional Sport is the long term development of young athletes and how to improve Quickness, Speed and Explosiveness.  

No matter what your starting point you can always get faster!

Speed and quickness are skills that can be taught and developed , not just something you were born with. By using a number of specialised  training techniques and multi-directional speed protocols, which stimulate both the muscular and the nervous system, athletes can improve their speed, agility, acceleration and quick feet. These techniques have been used with academy and professional teams in the UK, Europe and USA with great success in injury prevention and speed development.

Course Length – 1 day

Who is it for? –
Rugby Coaches of age groups u8 – u18’s.


  1. Theory Presentation
  • Biomechanics of multi-directional Speed
  • How to develop Quickness & Acceleration
  • Explosiveness training
  • Quick feet
  • When & How to train young players?
  • How do the Professional clubs train?
  • The Importance of functional movement
  •  Question & Answer session

  1. Practical Coaching sessions
  • Quickness
  • Explosiveness
  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Turning Ability
  • Speed training drills
  • What points to coach?
  • What to Observe?
  • How do you correct bad technique?
  • When and how to put on a speed session?
  • What Intensity to train at?

We can also offer an in-house service where we come to your club and run a course for your coaches. For more information on this please contact dan@runningschool.co.uk

Dates & Locations


May 6th 2017

The Running School HQ, Wasps FC Training Ground,  Twyford Avenue, London,  W3 9QA