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I can’t thank you enough for helping me recover from my ACL injury!

When I tore my ACL just before I went out to McGill University (Canada) on a soccer scholarship, I was devastated. One surgeon even told me that I would never play again, and if I did it would only be at an amateur level.

However, after spending 6 months with you guys, I feel stronger now than ever. You have guided me throughout each stage of my rehabilitation with ease, keeping me focussed and in good spirits throughout. It has been so pleasing to see myself improve week on week. I look forward to each session in the knowledge that I am getting that bit closer to a full recovery.

Thanks to you, I will be able to return to Canada a stronger, faster and more confident player!

I have honestly enjoyed every minute at the Running School and I’ll be strangely sad to leave.

Best wishes

Carlo Mole McGill University Football Scolar Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning July 27, 2016

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